Hindsight Being 30-30, You Should Have Known the Tribe Would Be 1.5 Out of First with 102 Left.

I swear, Tribe baseball is more fun than Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 1.55.43 PMa barrel full of monkeys… even when they are not playing.

Yesterday, for example, they picked up four new draft picks who all have the potential to be the next Babe Ruth… and that was fun.  Also, Detroit lost another game – their fifth in a row – and the Tribe moved up while standing still… and that was fun. FanGraphs.com announced that the Tribe will probably finish 82-80, but then they only think three teams will win more than 90 games… so that’s fun-ny.

Tonight, we get to see Bauer take on the whirling Darvish… and that will be fun. And if we win, we will be above .500… and that will be fun. And if Detroit and Chicago lose… well, face it, that is always fun.

Anyway, things are heating up, so we are cranking the AC in the Tour Bus… all are welcome.

30 down, 64 out of 102 to go… in case you are wondering, that’s .62745098 (more or less).

P.S. Kevin hasn’t said a word about the Royals, who have been leading us most of this season, and Timmy Wells and I really appreciate that… so we are just going to let the sleeping dog lie.


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