10 Reasons Why The Tribe Is already At 10 Wins.



1.  Terry Francona:  Perhaps the best manager (not coach) in the majors, and definitely the best manager for Cleveland. His approach to (and desire for) winning and his perception of reality are in perfect sync.

2.  Justin Masterson:  He’s got 5 starts, a 4.5 ERA and 0 wins to go with his 0 losses. But more important, he’s got the right stuff, including the right attitude (despite not getting the contract he wants and deserves).

3.  Zack McAllister:  Who somehow – magically – has 3 wins and a 2.28 ERA.

4.  Lonnie Chisenhall:  They took away third base and he found his bat.  Not only is the Chisel hitting .432, he’s slugging .595 with 16 hits, including 6 doubles.

5.  David Murphy:  Yeah. In 19 games he has 17 hits and 15 RBI. In right field he has 32 putouts and no errors…

6.  Michael Brantley:  Yeah-Yeah. In 21 games, MB has 23 hits, 18 RBI, 4 homers and 4 stolen bases. And I think he is possessed by the ghost of Nick Swisher.

7.  Nick Swisher and Jason Giambi: If you are one of those guys (and I am) who thinks a player’s value extends beyond stats, then these guys are MVPs, motivating this team and keeping their heads on straight during wins and losses.

8. John Axford: The Tomahawk has 8 saves already with a .176 average. And I think he is possessed by the ghost of Rollie Fingers.

9.  Potential:  I am stoked that we’ve got guys like Trevor Bauer and Francisco Lindor and Nyjer Morgan and a half dozen other pitching and hitting prospects who are ready to step in if and when needed.

10.  Kevin: His dispassion of the Tribe is a constant motivator to keep winning.

10 down, 84 to go. It’s time to get the bus out of the garage basement


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