9 Wins In, I have 5 Ups and 4 Downs… and Ear-to-Ear Smiles.

9-at-9-71-390x285So far – less than 20 games in – I am very pleased with the performance of my Cleveland Indians. Yeah, we are in last place (1.5 games out of first!), but we are playing really inconsistent baseball right now… so it won’t take much to get back to and stay in the lead.

In particular, I am really happy with these five guys: Chisenhall (batting .455), Morgan (before he got sent down was batting .348), Murphy (with 15 RBI), Brantley (with 4 homers and 18 RBI) and Aviles (who is great off the bench).

On the other hand, I am not so thrilled with these four guys right now: Santana (batting only .145), Swisher (with 20 strike outs and batting only .197), Cabrera (who is in the middle of a two-year strugglefest) and Gomes (batting only.250, and has 5 errors).

Still, I am totally stoked with this team. And I am absolutely confident that when we finally get humming (like starting two days ago), we are going to mow down the league with virtual ease… in fact, don’t be surprised with a record-breaking win streak.

9 down, 85 to go. Beep at the bus if you love winning.



2 Responses to “9 Wins In, I have 5 Ups and 4 Downs… and Ear-to-Ear Smiles.”

  1. Josephine Litten Says:

    Inconsistent and stoked. You are an optimist. Jo


  2. exeqnation Says:

    True, my floor is always wet from my cup overflowing.

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