Today’s Special: A Little M & M Magic

Nyjer+Morgan+ML2mFYzCklimEvery day there is something else I discover about why I love baseball.

Take last night (for example). After the rain out on Monday, I was totally amped to see what the Tribe would do. Would Kluber look better? Would Swisher and Kipnis mash? Would Santana continue to hone his third base skills? Would we need Axford to save the day?

But no. Instead, some guy named Nyjer Morgan goes 3 for 5 to knock in two runs, while some other guy named Dave Murphy goes 2 for 4 with a homer and a double. And while neither one of these guys is new to baseball, they are new to Cleveland… so it is pretty exciting to see what they can do.

Meanwhile, Santa looked good at third, Kluber looked like a legitimate #2 and Axford secured his third save. Bada bing, bada bang, bada boom.

And that’s the awesome thing about Cleveland Indians baseball. Every day it is likely to be someone or something else. Chisenhall today, Rayburn tomorrow… Masterson one night, Wood the next.

4 down, 90 to go. I love this game.


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