I’ll Take It.

42798978_12f4e9445aHere are a few things I’ve learned after a lifetime of rooting for the Cleveland Indians:

1.  A win is a win is a win… and a win is better than a loss.

2. Every game counts, but it’s a long season… so don’t freak out over every win or loss.

3.  Three wins in six games beats the snot out of winning just one or two… I’ll take it!

In case you haven’t noticed, the boys look pretty darn good.  I am not thrilled with Asdrubal’s performance, but I am very impressed with the way Morgan and Chisenhall have accepted their roles. And I will admit that the first time through the rotation was not encouraging, but then again, there is not a single undefeated team left in the MLB…. and we’re only one week in.

As for tonight, it looks like the rain is going to delay – if not postpone – the game.  We may have to swap our brooms for mops.

3 down, 91 to go. Get’em boys!



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