Why the Cleveland Indians are Going to – and Winning – the 2013 World Series

hi-res-152098777_crop_650x440I watched almost the entire All-Star game last night, except that one part where Kipnis picked up an RBI.  Timing is everything.  Of course I also missed Masterson taking the mound, since Leyland never put him in the game.  Again, timing is everything. I also missed all the chatter about the Cleveland Indians tearing it up in the second half and making it to and through the playoffs… because apparently no one is ready for it.

Well, my fellow tour bus passengers, let me start the conversation.

Timing is everything.  And the timing is perfect for the Tribe.  This second half has the potential to be a walk in the park as we face off against a long parade of sub-.500 teams (including the Kansas City Royals).  But wait, there’s more.

Since I am not inclined to take lightly any team (above or below .500), let’s look at our own team.  The pitching that got us to where we are now is definitely getting better – both at the front end and the back end.  The offense – Swisher, Reynolds, Stubbs, Cabrera, Gomes, Giambi, Aviles, Chisenhall – can and will continue to get better as Santana, Kipnis, Brantley, Bourn and Raburn stay the course. Did you know we are already ranked in the top five in the MLB for batting?  Likewise, our fielding is good and getting better.  Plus we’ve got two good catchers, a strong bench and one of the best managers in the game.

I’ve tried my best this year to maintain a steady and balanced perspective.  I’ve tried not to start any arguments with idiot sports writers (no names please), and I’ve even minimized making fun of Kevin and Tom Neumann.  But I am ready to take this baby all the way to the end of the limb.

We will win 90+ games.  We will make the playoffs.  We will be in the World Series.  And we will win. [Note to Bob: See if you can’t get St. Peter to atart wearing that Indians throwback cap]

51 down, 39 to go.  If you aren’t on the bus yet, you may want to purchase a ticket.


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