Yeah, That’s Right, I’m a Head Case!

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 1.28.07 PMFor the record, I am taking full credit for the Tribe’s two-game winning streak against the dreaded Rangers.

During the latter half of the 8-game losing streak, I tried everything I could think of… I wore my Road to 90 Tour Bus shirt, I wore my traditional Indians shirt, I wore my Indians sweatshirts (and they were hot) and I hung my Indians banner on the front of my house.  Nothing worked.

So I pulled out my new Indians baseball cap that I treated myself to back in March.  I was saving it for the post-season run (yeah, I said it), but I knew the time had come to break off the tag and don the cap (which sounds like the name of a mafia boss).  And guess what?

I am batting 1.000 with the new hat.  Two games, two victories, too good to be true.

Note to Kevin:  Kansas City is still in third place and still sucks.

It’s on! It’s on like the Wrath of Khan!

32 up, 58 to go!  Yippee ki yay.




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