Homers Rule… or Do They?!


For those of you (like me) who love baseball stats, here is my new favorite:  The Cleveland Indians lead the league in homers, while simultaneously being dead last in homers.

I can explain.

In case you have a subscription to the Plain Dealer and only get the news three days a week, here’s a big announcement:  the 2013 Cleveland Indians are a home run factory  – 44 so far, which makes them tops in the MLB.  Homers… they are awesome.

And none more so than Mark Reynolds’ recent blast into the deep rows of the bleachers, which was capped by a stinkeye nod to the pitcher who hit him above the shoulders just a few innings earlier.  It was one of a dozen instant classics this new team of home run happy players have created in the early going.

Of course there’s also been a lot of discussion recently about the lack of homers showing up at the ballpark. Attendance is sparse at best and everyone has opinions about why.  Fact is, the Cleveland Indians have the lowest attendance of any team in the MLB. Or seen through another set of eyes, every team in baseball has more fans showing up to their games than we do. I have a few thoughts on this, but it’s all conjecture, so why speculate.

Nothing draws fans like victories and home runs, so if the 2013 Indians continue to do what they are doing (and they will), fans will come back… then we can rename Cleveland to Homerville… mmmmmm Homerville.

16 down, 74 to go.  Taking names and dropping bombs.




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