Tigers and Royals and Sox, Oh My!

a3pJWl95Z0cta1Ex_o_oh-my-the-george-takei-songWell set my phasers to stun… even George Tekai was shocked when he learned the Tribe was holding its own in the Central.  Of course, Kevin (who last year picked Minnesota and this year picks Kansas City to win the division) was only too happy to tell me on Saturday that the Royals were in first place.

Oh my!

Of course, April will roll into May and then May into June and KC will be right where it ought to be (in fourth place just ahead of the Twins).  Then Kevin will call with a new taunt:  The Tribe is lucky and won’t finish above .500… their starting pitching stinks and they have no power.

Oh my!

Meanwhile, the Indians will simply keep on truckin’… By June, Justin Masterson will have his 10th victory, Reynolds will have his 25th home run, Chris Perez will have his 20th save, Bourn and Stubbs will have their 15th stolen bases and Carlos Carrasco will have hit his 5th batter and served his 5th suspension.

Oh my!

5 down, 85 to go.  The bus is barely out of the station and the fickle fans are already folding.  It’s tough being a tour bus driver in Cleveland.


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