The Tribe’s in First Place, So How Do You Like Me Now?

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I would like to dedicate this brief post to my younger brother Kevin (aka, Dorky McGooberstein), who like Paul Hoynes and Keith Law, has no love for the Indians.

Like most pundits, Kevin and his ilk picked the Cleveland Indians to share the cellar of the American League Central with Minnesota.  Instead, they are believers in the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals.  Traitors.

Fortunately for anyone who cares, none of these guys know anything about the Indians.  They all think our starting pitching is suspect from top to bottom.  And they are certain we (our batters) will register more strikeouts this year than any team in the MLB.  They are unsure about Santana behind the plate.  They are unsure about Kipnis’ offensive ability.  They are unsure about Asdrubal’s energy and weight levels.  They are not confident Lonnie will do in the regular season what he did in spring training.  They think Stubbs is a bust.  And they do not even want to discuss Reynolds or Giambi.

So yeah, they see Cleveland as a fourth place team.  But hey baby, the Tribe is in first place right now, and that is all that matters to me.

One down, 89 to go.  Get on the bus or get outta town. I love my Tribe.


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