Cleveland Indians Taunt Kevin Sweeney with Back-to-Back Victories

Back-to-back victories resulting form brilliant back-to-back pitching performances by Masterson and Jimenez have suddenly left Kevin “typical Cleveland fan” Sweeney in a quandary.

“How do I taunt Jim for his support of the Indians when the Indians are taunting me?”

Magically, the little-budget-team-that-could has returned to the form that kept it in first place for the first two months of the season, and in contention all year. Shocking?  Only if you weren’t paying attention… or you are a fair weather fan.

But there’s still good news for guys like Kevin who refuse to support their home team:  The football season is right around the corner and you can start cheering for the Fighting Irish  and the Dolphins again.

52 down, 38 to go.  It just keeps getting better.


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