Cleveland Indians Need Tiger Blood

Every sports team needs a leader.  And every championship team that ever existed has had one.  Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Ray Lewis, Brett Favre, George Brett, Roger Clemens, Mickey Ward, Tiger Woods.

Champions require a leader.  A scowling, screaming, gesticulating, laser-focused leader.  Someone who refuses to lose and wills his team to win.  Someone with the eye of the tiger. Someone with tiger blood.

But not Charlie Sheen.

I am thinking Michael Brantley, who is passionate about playing and even more passionate about winning.  Michael Brantley, who at the age of 25 is by far the best hope for the future of this team (with all due respect to Cabrera, Santana and Kipnis).  He is the hungriest, the most energetic, the most consistent and the most engaged player on this team.

And it is time for him to take his role seriously.  It is good to push yourself, but a true leader also pushes those around him.  So push away MB, push away.

47 down, 43 to go.

BTW, I bet a $1,000 on Jimenez to pitch six scoreless innings today.  Does anyone want to spot me on this?



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