Don’t Worry About the Cleveland Indians

Seriously, no one expected the Cleveland Indians to even contend this year.  Even when they held down first place for the first third of the season, no one believed in this team.  For the most part, the media and fans were more concerned about attendance than performance.

But here we are after the All-Star break and the Tribe is still playing the same way they played the entire first half, with the same team and the same manager.  And yet now everyone is worried about the Tribe making a deal.

We need a right handed bat!  We need a left fielder!  We need another starter in the rotation!


I expect the Cleveland Indians team of the second half to be the same team as the first half, but with better results.  Choo and Brantley and Kipnis and Cabrera are all batting near .300.  And while Santana is suffering, Marson is on fire.  Left field is still a war zone, but Damon is finally heating up and Duncan is more than dependable. And yeah, Chisenhall is down, but Hannahan is back in the line-up. As for pitching, I don’t even want to talk about it.  We’ve got the best overall pitching staff in our division.

A lot could go wrong, but then again, a lot could go right.  And really, I couldn’t give two loafs about the Black Sox and the Tiggers.

This is out team.  They are going to win 90 games and they are going to the World Series.

44 down, 46 to go.  All about the FANtasy Tour Bus.


P.S. Whatever happened to Matt LaPorta?  I heard we traded him to the Mudhens for a cup of coffee and a rookie to be named later… I don’t get it.



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