When Did This Guy Become Public Enemy #1?

Seriously, I would never tell Manny Acta how to run his team.  I  have too much respect for the job he’s done with the pieces he’s had to work with.

But what the hell is the deal with Matt LaPorta? I mean really…

Did he kill someone?  Did he date one of Manny’s relatives?  Did he sleep with a team mascot? Did he steal something from the clubhouse?  Does he refuse to speak Dominican in the dugout?  WHAT DID HE DO?

He’s the only right-handed hitting 1st basemen and left fielder with a batting average over .200.  And he can’t even get a sniff at the bigs… WHY?

I trust Manny and I can only assume he has a very good reason for not letting the kid up here, but sweet Lord baby Jesus, what is it?

So let’s say it’s true.  Let’s say that Matt LaPorta has a massive skeleton in the closet.  Fine.  He also has a $430,000 paycheck.  Let’s get him some stage time so he can at least get traded for something or someone… anything.

While Chicago picks up Youklis, who I am glad we did not get, we punish ourselves with Johnny Damon and Casey Kotchman when we could rest them while LaPorta gets some playing time.

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe LaPorta sucks.  Maybe his .308 batting average with 200 at bats is a mirage.  Maybe his .313 average against lefties just doesn’t matter. Maybe his 16 home runs are a fluke. Or maybe he did something so bad… so unspeakable that he will never see the light of day at Progressive Field.But I gots to know…

I want the truth. I deserve the truth. I can handle the truth.



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