Hey, Um, Do You Remember That One Time…

Do you remember when the 2012 season started and, and no one thought the Cleveland Indians were going to be any good, so everyone just ignored them and then, um, then they lost 4 of their first 5 games and no one cared?  Remember that?

That was awesome.

Oh, an’ remember then they went on to win 10 of the next 15 games and ended April above .500 with an 11-9 record, and all the newspapers and sports talk shows were more interested in Detroit and Chicago and no one cared? Do you remember that?

That was awesome.

And then, and then, um the Indians won 16 of 30 games in May, sweeping the Detroit Tigers, but they ended the month with a ton of injuries and then they lost back-to-back series and nobody came to the games and Chris Perez went off on the fans and after holding onto first place the entire month, they dropped into 2nd place and everyone said “big surprise” and no one cared?  Do you remember that?

That was awesome.

And now Travis Hafner is out, but Matt LaPorta is coming back and Grady Sizemore is coming back and Hannahan is back and Cabrera and Santana seem fine and all the pitchers look fine, in fact, everyone looks fine, so it looks like the Indians could keep playing good enough to fight for first place all season.  Did you know that?

That’s a hoax, right?



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