Goodbye Chicago White Sucks

And so, our nemesis has been revealed. It’s not the dreaded Tigers after all.  It’s Robin Ventura’s Chicago White Sox.

Let me say this: I loved the idea of Chicago picking up Robin Ventura as a much needed replacement for Ozzie Guillen.  But I hate the Chicago White Sox. Even when I lived in Chicago I never paid any attention to them.

Once an Indians fan, always an Indians fan… or a traitor (see the Hatfields and McCoys for reference).

So can our new arch enemy pose a real threat? Uh, not really.  Yeah, Chicago has some okay pitching and a couple of mashers, but these guys usually implode before the season gets too long in the teeth.

But the Tribe – barring too many serious or lasting injuries – is built for the long haul. Once we get past the All Star break, we will roll over the Sox like an army of steamrollers.  And that will be that.

Sing me the song Jimmy: 27 down, 63 to go… We’re on the Road to 90.


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