Time to Smoke the Peace Pipe… or Whatever.

Apparently everyone is mad; not just angry, but mad, as in everyone has taken leave of their senses.  Here is my advice:

Cleveland Fans:  Show up and grow up.  This is our team and they are awesome, so do your best to support them.  You don’t have to become a devout homer, just be a good fan.

Chris Perez: Just pitch and don’t bitch.  You had the support of this city since the day you got here.  Don’t boo-hoo over a couple of stupid fans; you’re bigger than that.  And we love you.

Cleveland Media: More reporting and less distorting.  Yes, we have the lowest attendance in the big leagues, thank you for pointing this out over and over and over and over again.  We also have one of the lowest payrolls and one of the poorest economies… not to mention the crappiest weather.  These are not excuses, these are facts.

Mark Shapiro:  Don’t spin, just win.  You don’t have to apologize for Chris Perez.  Hell, Chris Perez doesn’t even have to apologize.  He has as much right to lash out as the ignorant “fans” who boo him.  Instead, let’s support him with a competent left fielder or a strong right handed bat.

USA Today: WTF, you suck.  The Indians have been playing fantastic baseball all season and you – like the Clevelanders who do not go to the games – never give us any ink.  But now that there is controversy, you are all over it. You suck, which explains why your circulation is down for the third consecutive year… like our attendance.

Now can we all just please get along? Please? I came to watch baseball, not a soap opera.

22 down, 68 to go.

P.S. How about a promotion like 10-cent beer night… or maybe we can all bring our disco…


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