Who Is Your Favorite Indian?

As a young boy, Christian (my youngest) created a common refrain that was uniquely his own:  What was your favorite thing?

It was a seemingly innocuous five word phrase that typically elicited all kinds of high energy response.  What is your favorite food?  What is your favorite ride at Cedar Point?  What was you favorite scene in that movie?  What is your favorite video game?  Every day.  Every occasion.  What is your favorite?

To be honest, even now, I am not entirely certain how it got started and/or why he did it.  Was it a social experiment to see what people would say?  Was he just comparing notes relative to the things he liked?  Did he just enjoy getting people excited about their favorite things? Or was he just messing with everyone?

Anyway, after being gone for a week and spending way too much time listening to random business travelers tell me about the Red Sox and the Mets and the Braves  – I got to thinking about Christian’s refrain.  Who is my favorite Indian right now?

Excluding new guys like Lowe and Damon and Kotchman, and not including guys who are currently not playing on the big stage – Sizemore and LaPorta and Chisenhall – there are still a lot of players to choose from.  But who is my favorite?

Chris Perez is awesome, filthy, in-your-face, as is Jack Hannahan.  Love these guys.  Cabrera and Santana and Kipnis are young studs.  Love these guys too.  Masterson is still masterful and Pestano is a  fireball.  And in the category of “guys who are full of potential” are Travis Hafner and Michael Brantley and Shin-Soo Choo.

But who is my favorite Indian?  Christian is not going to like this answer, but… Shelley Duncan.  Of course, knowing that I am a huge John Lowenstein fan would have made this choice more predictable.

I love this guy’s grit and determination.  I love this guy’s attitude and enthusiasm.  I love this guy’s consistency and dependability.  Yeah, I can hear my brother Kevin right now:  “consistently bad.”

Shelley’s only played in 28 games this season, and his batting average is flatlined at .200.  But he is there if and when you need him, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Great attitude, great hustle, good production, good guy, classic baseball oddball.

Back on September 14, 2007, before a game between the Yankees and Red Sox at Fenway Park, Duncan wrote “Red Sox Suck!” along with his autograph on a 10-year-old Red Sox fan’s notebook. Duncan later apologized to the boy’s family, saying he got caught up in the excitement of the Yankees – Red Sox rivalry.

My kind of guy.  I like him.  He is my favorite.


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