Memo to ESPN: You Ignore the Indians, We Ignore You.

Last week, while watching ESPN coverage of the MLB, the sportscasters were all giddy about Tampa Bay starting the season at an amazing 18-8 record.  A year ago, the Tribe started their season at 18-8, but ESPN was not all that excited.

And yesterday, after taking two out of three from the mighty, mighty Rangers and handing the whirling Darvish his first loss of the season and further cementing its position in first place and watching Chris Perez take his 11th save of the young season… after all that, what did ESPN talk about last night?

Well, they didn’t talk about how wonderful our Cleveland Indians are.  No mention of the team’s 15-11 record.  No mention of the two players now batting over .300 (Cabrera and Kipnis).  No mention of the more than 100 walks we’ve taken from opposing pitchers.  No mention of the pitching staff studs – starters, relievers and closer – who just keep churning.

So to you, ESPN, the “Worldwide Leader in Sports”, I would simply like to say:  Thank you.

We don’t need the attention.  We don’t want the attention.  We don’t care about ESPN anymore than ESPN cares about us.  We just want to play… and win.

In the words of Chris Perez, “You hit us, we hit you. Period.”

15 down, 75 to go.

[Editorial Note: I will be traveling the entire week and my be unable to post… feel free to quietly celebrate.]


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