To the Haters.

Here’s to the haters.  The grumps. The grouches.  The sadsacks.  The quick to judge.

The ones who see the worst in everything.

They do not like the Cleveland Indians.  And have no faith in their potential.

You can argue with them, present facts, offer statistics, make your case, appeal to their better nature.  About the only thing you can’t do is reason with them.

Because they are haters.

They whine.  They cry.  They complain. They lie.  They make excuses. They contribute nothing to the conversation.

Maybe they can’t help themselves.  How else can you look at a team that is in first place, and cry that they aren’t better.  Or watch them win series after series, and simply belittle their opponents.  Or watch a player hit a double, but moan because he doesn’t run faster.

We feel sorry for these people.  While some see them as the haters, we see loneliness.

Because the people who are angry enough to hate the Indians, really just need a hug.

Go Tribe.  13 down, 77 to go.


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