Kevin Says: Get a New Owner. I Say: Yeah, It’s Worked Out Great for the Cavs and Browns.

Forget for just a minute that my brother Kevin, who is without question one of the most intelligent sports fans I know, grew up a Miami Dolphins fan and thinks every Irishman has an obligation to root for Notre Dame.

He says the Indians are no good.  He says that every year.  But this year he has a new Mantra:  Get rid of the owners. “Every year they promise to pull the trigger and they simply lie… unless you think acquiring Derek Lowe is pulling the trigger.”

Kevin is right.  The Indians’ ownership, whose name I will not even say aloud, sucks.  They took a phenomenal franchise built by the Jacob’s ownership and turned it back into the Gabe Paul/Vern Stouffer/Nick Mileti/Ted Bonda/Steve O’Neill Indians of the 60s, ’70s and ’80s.

But this begs two questions:

1.  Does new ownership ensure improvement?  Um, have you taken a look at the Browns and the Cavs lately.  Seems to me this roller coaster ride only goes down.

2.  Just because the ownership sucks, does that mean the team has to suck? Um, have you take a look at the Cleveland Indians lately? Seems to me the roller coaster ride only goes up.

But hey, Kevin knows everything about sports and I am content to walk in his shadow.  But I do know one thing that he is clueless about.  This team will win 90 games this year, thanks to great pitching, good defense and opportune hitting.

11 down, 79 to go… bad ownership or not.


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