A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Foyer

So just before 11:00 last night, I was heading into the laundry room to press a shirt (yeah, I iron my own shirts), when I remembered that the Indians game was on at 10.  So I turned back and flipped the channel to STO and saw the Tribe was in a commanding 1-0 lead.  I switched the TV off and proceeded to the back room to complete my ironing.

Shortly after hanging my neatly starched dress shirt in the bedroom, I headed down the hall, through the foyer and into the living room, whereupon I saw the Indians lead was somewhat diminished to 8-1.  What the heck… I couldn’t have missed more than 15 or 20 minutes of the game.  Clearly I needed to settle in and watch this through… but first I needed a beverage.

So back through the foyer and into the kitchen I head, stopping only long enough to get something to drink and to check my email before plugging the phone into the charger.  We’re talking two minutes, right?  And all the while I am thinking maybe we never should have let Millwood slip through our fingers.

So I go back through the foyer and into the living room and the score is 8-4… Choo was removing his batting gloves by the time I tuned in.  Dang brother, that was fast. And before the inning is over, the game is tied – 7 runs in one inning.  Who are these guys?

And with a little help from the bullpen, a designated hitter and a substitute infielder, the Tribe mashed the Mariners and moved above the .500 mark.

5 down, 85 to go… is it just me or is this easier than it looks?


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