Indians Fans Are Pun-ching Bag for PD Sports Headline Writer.

One of my favorite  scenes from the Batman & Robin TV show involved a near catastrophe caused by stampeding bulls headed toward the Caped Crusaders while they were staked down on the main street of some cow town.  Naturally they escaped in the nick of time, to which Robin exclaimed:  “Holy cow, Batman, we could have been killed!” “Yes,” replied Batman, “or worse.”

Now that’s funny.  But do you know what is NOT funny?  The endless parade of sophomoric Sports page headlines that marches its way into our homes by way of the Plain Dealer.

If you are like most people in Cleveland, you don’t subscribe to or read the Plain Dealer.  And that’s too bad, because most of the sports writers are pretty gifted journalists.  But the headline writer, whoever he or she is, has no gifts and no clue.  Just one forced and unfunny pun after the next.

For the moment, because I am so enraptured by the brilliant performance of the Cleveland Indians during the Royals series, I am not going to subject you to any of these deadly headlines.  But I promise you this, if they don’t stop soon (or get better), I will start running them on a daily basis until all of Tribenation is so disgusted the PD will be forced to make a change.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Go Indians!  4 down, 86 to go!

Welcome on the bus Johnny Damon.





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