3 New Things I Believe In: The Cleveland Indians, David de la Fuente and Kent State University

Hakuna Matata.

The Tribe took a forearm shiver across the chin last night, losing by two touchdowns to the apparently unbeatable Detroit Tigers.  And while I fully expect the Indians to win the final two games (that’s just the way I roll), I must tip my cap to the Motor City.

But more important, I must give recognition to the three new things I now believe in:

1.  The 2012 Cleveland Indians.  2011 was an awesome ride. Six months of excitement, anticipation, despair, hope and finally acceptance.  A few less injuries and a few more wins… who knows what could have been.  Can hardly wait for spring training 2012!

2.  David de la Fuente.  This guy (in defense of Keith Law) laid the smackdown on my candy ass earlier this year, challenging me to a $200 bet that the Indians would win fewer than 78.5 games this year.  I took the challenge and I won.  To his credit, David contacted me last night – without prodding – ready to settle up.  David, it turns out, is a stand up guy.  So I am letting him off the hook, but with a caveat: in place of the two  bills, you must publicly pledge to get on the 2012 bandwagon on the Road to 90.

3.  Kent State University.  Huh?  I know, this seems a little odd, but allow me to make a connection.  One of the earliest and most faithful riders on the Road to 90 Tour Bus was Tom Neumann (AVP of marketing and communications at Kent).  And when David de la Fuente threw down the $200 challenge, Tom stepped up and backed me up (though I am pretty sure that cheapskate would never have given me any money if I lost… still, it was a noble gesture).  Well, it turns out that San Francisco David de la Fuente is a graduate of Kent State University, which might explain why he is a stand up guy.  And oh, yeah, Tom Neumann’s daughter Steph (future FBI agent), who supported the Tribe when her dad had his doubts… also a Kent Stater.

Of course, I could not conclude the 2011 Road to 90 Tour without a heartfelt nod to Dominic Litten, who, like me, rejoiced with every win and suffered with every loss.  We are brothers in the bobblehead.

But most important, a shout out to Christian Sweeney.  The only thing more fun than piloting the 2011 Tour Bus was sharing the ride with you.  You are the complete fan, the constant voice of reason and the occasional chop buster… you are Spartacus.


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2 Responses to “3 New Things I Believe In: The Cleveland Indians, David de la Fuente and Kent State University”

  1. David de la Fuente Says:

    I’m back on the bandwagon. Kudos to you, sir.

  2. Gordie Howe Says:

    Having your back and stepping up with cash are two very different things!

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