It’s Now or Never for the 2011 Indians. I Choose Now.

Did you know that the longest winning streak in Cleveland Indians history is 13 games?  We did it twice, in 1942 and 1951.  Did you know that the longest losing streak for the Detroit Tigers is 19 games?  They accomplished that in 1975.

So, here’s the thing.  At 72-72, the Cleveland Indians have exactly 18 games left this season… the precise number required to reach 90 wins. A record-tying 13 wins would put us at 85 wins, which is nice, but not good enough.  Meanwhile, the Tigers are at 84-62, with only 16 more games to go.

So, here’s what I am thinking.  The Tribe goes on an 18-game winning streak, sets the new team record for most games won in a row and ends the season with 90 belt notches.  Meanwhile, the Tigers go on a flip-flop losing streak (they just won 9 in a row), drop the final 16 and end the season where they belong… in second place.

It’s a hard-to-believe scenario, I know.  And to make matters worse, Detroit has a cake walk to the end of the season, playing a wicked combination of games against Oakland, Kansas City and Baltimore. Meanwhile, the Tribe has to go through Texas, Chicago  and Detroit.

Still, anything can happen. That’s the truly beautiful thing about baseball… everything you can imagine is possible.  I choose to imagine the Tribe winning.

72 down, 18 to go.  Let the Insanity Tour begin.


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