Winners Never Quit; Whiners Never Win

When I think about the 2011 Cleveland Indians, the last word that EVER comes to mind is “quit”.  Unless of course you are talking about guys like Greg Brinda and Kenny Roda and Paul Hoynes and Bud Shaw… the designated media crybabies who are always, ALWAYS the last to get on the bandwagon and the first to jump off.

I had the great displeasure of listening to Brinda as I drove home from the airport late last night.  As usual, he had nothing good to say about anyone on the team.  Wah, wah, call the wahmbulance.

Yeah, the team has been knocked down and kicked in the teeth.  Duh!  But Jesus H. Christ, can any of these idiot sports journalists take two seconds to actually analyze how incredibly good this team is doing – how hard they are fighting – despite all the many setbacks?

Yet not once all season have we heard Manny Acta or any of his players whine or cry about their situation… they simply play on.  I said it in April, I will say it in September:  This may be the best Indians team I have seen in the past decade… maybe ever.  More heart, more grit, more resolve, more team play, better attitude.

Meanwhile, Greg Brinda is busy crying that the bullpen won’t be as good next year.  Unlike your career as a sports talk show host, this season ain’t over yet, jackass.

70 down, 20 to go.  Take some names and kick some asses.


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