Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t, Write for The Plain Dealer

[Disclaimer:  If you are a person of delicate sensibilities, beware; I am about to light a birthday cake with a military grade flamethrower.]

Bud Shaw is more than just a smartass, he is a cheapshot artist of the highest order. In his latest “Spinoffs” column, Shaw manages to insult the Indians more frequently and with less dignity than Rodney Dangerfield disses his wife.

He slams Jimenez, he slams Thome, he piles on with Carmona, Pronk and LaPorta, then he concludes the match with a heavyhanded smackdown of the entire team.  Ordinarily I would assume that Shaw is attempting to be funny in his significantly less funny version of Norman Chad.  His attempt failed.

The truth is, Shaw has already closed the book on the Indians’ 2011 season and is just biding his time until the Browns’ regular season begins.  The funny thing is, back in May when the Tribe was in first place and lighting up the division, Bud Shaw had an entirely different spin.  But that was then and this is now… I guess.

I am sure that the international law firm of Head, Carrera and Fukudome could argue the case that your total lack of journalistic integrity is understandable in the world of sports reporting.  And I am sure your reference to the Indians as a Class AA or AAA team would have been funny (because it was true) in the 1970s.  And I am sure Jim Thome appreciates your focus on his old age, bad back and strikeout prowess… who wouldn’t get a kick out of that level of humor?

But here is a simple request, Bud.  If you are so sure the season is over and so willing to blast the Tribe – despite their Herculean effort to make it into the playoffs – why don’t you just turn your attention to the Browns or the Cavs.  Or better still, why not just take your considerable talents to South Beach.

Meanwhile, the Tribe won again yesterday, courtesy of an excpetional pitching performance by David Huff and a timely long ball by Carlos Santana.  A win is a win.

66 down, 24 to go.  It can happen.



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