Ohman, That Sucks!

Someday – like 25 years from now – when your kids or your grandchildren ask you to explain how the Cleveland Indians ever got into the World Series, you will want to remember this moment.

Because there comes a time in every team’s season when it decides to take control of its destiny… or to roll over.  And the time for the Cleveland Indians is now.  Separation from the pack of mediocre major leaguers in the AL Central is paramount.

Last night the Tribe once again buckled down and fought bravely, only to depart one run short of a victory.  It has been a brutal year in this regard.  And while it would be easy to point out the size of Chicago’s payroll, who really cares?

Our team is capable of winning; they proved that in April and May.  Now it is a matter of confidence and conviction.

As my dad used to say, it’s time to piss or get off  the pot.

I am 100% confident in this team’s ability to separate from the pack.  This isn’t about the Tigers or the White Sox, it’s about the Cleveland Indians.  60 down, 30 to go.  How bad do you want it?


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