I’m Your Density. I mean, I’m Your Destiny.

Make or break?  Now or never?  Put up or shut up?  Speak now or forever hold your peace?

Yeah, it’s kind of like that.  Kinda like destiny…

It’s as if the entire season has lead to this pivotal moment… a three-game series against the menacing Detroit Tigers and their $100 million payroll, with the Indians just four games behind at 56-56.

A sweep – in either direction – could determine (probably will determine) the rest of the season for the Central Division of the American League.

Whoa, this is heavy… as in heavy duty.  I mean everything I have believed in and rallied for all season long is suddenly on the line.  This is it… do or die.  Our density, I mean destiny, is about to be revealed.

But hey, in the word’s of Doc Brown, “Don’t worry. As long as [we] hit that wire with the connecting hook at precisely 88mph the instant the lightning strikes the tower… everything will be fine.”

Go Tribe.  56 down, 34 to go.  Piece of cake.


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