Oh There You Are Peter.

I must admit that I was getting a bit worried.

Not about the Indians, but about the support staff (or lack thereof) around them.  Even Tom Hamilton went into a borderline meltdown after the first half of the first inning yesterday.  The Tribe exited the inning after three batters, prompting Tom to tell anyone who would listen that the Tribe needed to get it together… and fast.

“If you plan to come into Boston or Texas and win, you need at least four runs – minimum – to do it.” It is often a fine line between insight and insult, and judging from the tone of Tom’s voice, he crossed the line.  And understandably… he was frustrated.

But really, what short memories we have.  From April til June, this team carried the city of Cleveland on its back.  No one believed in them.  No one in baseball, no one in our division, and no one in Cleveland – most especially the sportwriters!  And all the Indians did in return was keep on winning and holding onto first place. First freaking place.

Then, finally, after months of ignoring them, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. “My Indians!” “My team.” But alas, the team was a little tired and a little banged up.  They started to slump. It happens!  So now they need us to carry them on our shoulders for a while.  They need us to have a little faith and believe.  They need us to be fans again – not just when they win, but all season long!

You can do it; it’s easy.  In the words of Peter Pan, “All you need is trust and a little bit of pixie dust!”


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