Wanted: Pitcher/Hitter Able to Perform in Clutch Situations

How good would this guy look in an Indians uniform?

And yeah, I know he is a lefty, but something tells me his ability to hit in high pressure situations will more than make up for his political leanings.

So, anyway, what started out good against the Lost Angels, suddenly turned horrible.

I mean really, how does a team give up 5 errors and a passed ball and still manage to lose by a score of of only 3-1?  How does a team manage to score any runs with no hits… and lose?  How does a young pitcher like David Huff go 5-2/3rds innings and give up only 1 run and not get the win?

Today I got lots of questions, but no answers.  This is one day – and maybe this is the only day – I am glad I am not Manny Acta.

Then again, maybe I do have an answer.  Pick up your bats and hit some balls!  This ain’t rocket science, boys, this is baseball.  And for even the youngest of you, it is something you’ve been doing with varying degrees of success for about 15 or 20 years.  So suck it up and go hit the freaking baseball.

In the words of Roy Hobb’s girlfriend: “Suffering is what brings us toward happiness.” And we are about as close to happiness as we want to get right now… stop the suffering.


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