Dare to Imagine the Unimaginable

Once upon a time in America, we dared to dream. And we dared to dream big.

Our forefathers (and mothers) left their native lands to forge a better life.  In American they believed that anything was possible.

They believed.

In baseball we say: “If you can touch it, you can catch it.”  In life we once said: “If you can imagine it, it can happen.”

Have we forgotten so quickly the anthem of our parents?

If you have (like my brother Kevin), then I am sad for you.

I believe the Cleveland Indians can win 90 games this year.  I believe they can make it to the World Series.  I believe they can win the world title.

Why not?

We have an awesome pitching staff and bullpen.  Yeah, Fausto has been in the rough more than the fairway this year, but his turnaround could happen at any moment.

And we have an excellent defense with great offensive power… when they are all playing and at the top of their game.  And that’s the point: Choo will be back, Hafner will be at DH, LaPorta will be back at first, Sizemore will find his swing, Brantley, Cabrera and Santana will continue to do what they are doing, Kearns and Duncan will continue to be clutch journeymen, and then there are the young guns.

I am more than optimistic, I am confident.  I am daring to imagine the unimaginable. And as most of you know, I already put my money where my mouth is.



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