Stupid Is as Stupid Does.

I was on my way out to lunch today at 1:15 and overheard some bonehead on the Scott Van Pelt Show, which I normally enjoy, talking about the Mighty Minnesota Twins.  Van Pelt asks:  “After starting the season so poorly, are the Twins for real now… can they sustain this?”

And since I am repeating this from memory, I must paraphrase the bonehead’s response:  “Well, the Indians are not good and the Tigers are not good, and the Twins have finally got their hitting and pitching going, so, yeah, they are for real.”

Really?  So when the Twins sucked and the Indians were kicking everyone’s ass, that was an aberration, but now that the mighty Twins have put together a run – though they remain 6+ games behind the Indians – suddenly they are good?

Idiot.  Idiot.  Idiot.  I would pay money to spend 5 minutes alone in a room with guys like this.

The Indians are now 72 games into the season; that’s 44% of the season.  We remain in first place after all this time, despite a really bad month of baseball.  By this reasoning, the following teams also suck:  Atlanta, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Texas, Chicago (White Sox).

Better still, if this bonehead is right, we will see the Washington Nationals and the Minnesota Twins in the 2011 World Series… I would rather watch the Republican debates while sticking pins in my eyes.

Go Tribe!


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