Oh, No, The Sky is Falling!

My brother Kevin, who I referred to recently as one of the many whiners and doubters who can not stand the idea of the Indians being successful, went out of his way to e-mail me today in the midst of the thumping the Tribe was taking at the hands of the Boston Red Sox.

Here is his message:

“For a minute I thought they might win their first series against a .500 or better club.”

Kevin is a typical Cleveland fan who thinks he knows everything and can not accept the idea of success unless it is on his terms.

Well, here is my response to Kevin and all you crybabies who either are happy to see the Indians lose a game or certain that two losses to the Sox must be the beginning of the end of this season: “Go poop in your hat and pull it tight over your ears.”

There is nothing you can say, nothing you can do to ruin this season. But hey, feel free to whine and cry the whole summer long… it will only make the final record that much more enjoyable.

P.S. Don’t tell my brother, but 15 of the 30 teams in MLB have a season record of .500 or worse.  And in our division, where we play most of our games, only one team besides us (Detroit) has a record above .500… and we swept their ass.

Go Tribe!


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One Response to “Oh, No, The Sky is Falling!”

  1. T-bone Says:

    I’ll bet Kevin was disappointed the Rapture didn’t happen last weekend too.

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