Good Lord. Indeed.

So it’s the top of the 9th, and Perez, whose stuff is floating just a little high and outside, has one down and one on each corner.

At that moment, Kathy asks me who is the guy with the long hair and beard who is pitching.

I say: “That’s Chris ‘Jesus’ Perez.” and she asks why do you call him Jesus, because of the way he looks?  and I say “No, because he works miracles in almost every game.”

And with the next pitch, Perez entices Carl Crawford to hit into a game-ending double play, racking up his 13th save in the process.

“Wow, that was a miracle,” Kathy commented. And at just that moment, Christian – who is watching the game from Cincinnati – texts me a simple two-word statement:

Good Lord.



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One Response to “Good Lord. Indeed.”

  1. toosoxy Says:

    Sox fans did NOT call him that last night… 🙂
    Cute blog post.
    Hoping we’ll have better luck against you guys today…

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