Memo to Fickle Fans: Man Up.

Just minutes after the Tribe finished a clean sweep of the Cincinnati Reds, my younger brother, who is a sports fanatic, did his best to burst everyone’s bubble with the never tired “Yeah, but who have the Indians played so far?” line.

I promptly reminded him that just because he opens his mouth and says something, that doesn’t make it true.

This morning I also received an e-mail from an old associate of mine in Chicago (home of the team currently getting thumped by the three musketeers of Miami), asking me if Cleveland will ever forgive LeBron.

I immediately informed him that only the knuckleheads and fairweather fans are crying about LeBron; the rest of us are watching the Indians and waiting for the NBA draft.

My dad used to tell me that if I couldn’t stand the heat (not the guys from Miami, but the high temperatures), I should get the hell out of the kitchen. That was his way of telling me to be strong or be gone.

So man up fickle Tribe fans, or pick a team you believe in and trade in your Chief Wahoo jersey.


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