It’s All About the Chemistry.

Right up until the sixth inning it sure felt like the Cincinnati Redlegs were going to make short work of the Cleveland Indians.

As I sat near the fire pit in my backyard listening to the game I wondered if the absense of Sizemore and Hafner was actually significant enough to mess with the team’s collective heads.

And I immediately dismissed the thought.

After all, we did without Grady for most of April.  And while Travis has been nearly invincible, we’ve won without him before.  Then it hit me:  It’s the chemistry.  Even a team as hot as the 2011 Tribe needs time to adjust to the loss of two key players.

And adjust it did, stealing a no-hitter from Travis Wood, chasing him from the game and evening up the score in one half of one inning.

And that was that.  The chemistry was back, the confidence was back and the winning continues.

Chemistry is awesome.


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