Even Fairweather Fans Require Fair Weather.

Here’s the good news:  Eventually it will stop raining, the clouds will part, the sun will shine and a rainbow will lead the chosen people to Progressive Field, where they will find the pot of gold that is the Cleveland Indians.

Here’s the bad news:  Now that the Tribe finally is back home in the untropical rainforest that is Cleveland, we will be lucky to see a game before Friday…

and Paul Hoynes will continue to wonder and whine about why attendance at Pro Field is so low,

and Keith Law will continue to point out that the Indians are still not worth believing in,

and David the Dullard will continue to think he made a good bet against a team that isn’t picking up any ground.

And so it goes.

As for me, I predict rainbows, victories and (in the words of Mr. T) pain for the unbelievers.


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