Am I willing to Wager $200 on the Tribe? You Bet.

In today’s episode of the Odd Couple, Oscar (Jim the Smart Ass Sweeney) and Felix (Keith the Dumb Bunny Law) take to name calling.

In case you missed it, yesterday’s post to Keith Law seemed to raise the ire of a couple readers.

Apparently it is acceptable for the Dumb Bunny to use arbitrary data to support unfounded projections as a means to justify dashing the hopes of Cleveland Indians fans. But when I used equally arbitrary data to support equally irresponsible conclusions as a means to justify slamming Keith Law, well that was unacceptable.

Anyway, this guy (we’ll call him David the Dullard) called me a “jagoff” (see comments to yesterday’s post) and challenged me to put my money where my mouth is.  Naturally I accepted, and he set the mark at $200.  And suddenly the game is afoot.  David the Dullard claims to be an Indians fan, though he currently resides somewhere near (or under) the Golden Gate Bridge.

Anyway, he is counting on the Tribe winning no more than 78 games this year. I am counting on him being wrong… and I will explain why in the next episode of the Odd Couple.

BTW, Dumb Bunny and Dullard, the Indians won again last night. That can’t be good…


2 Responses to “Am I willing to Wager $200 on the Tribe? You Bet.”

  1. T-bone Says:

    I got your back exeqnation. I’ll chip in if you lose – which you won’t, so count me and my friend Andy Dufresne in to help drink the cold beer when it is over!

  2. David X Says:

    I realized watching the Tribe lose tonight to the Royals just how painful and bittersweet it is to have my side of the bet. I still think it’s a winner — the Tribe hasn’t played anyone of note, including a bad-at-the-moment Red Sox team — but realizing how weak the AL Central is … that’s definitely making me a little nervous. I am pretty sure this one will come down to the last week or two of the season. Good on ya for taking a chance and I look forward to friendly banter the rest of the season.

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