Memo to Keith Law: Know Your Role and Shut Your Damn Mouth.

Some of you may know Keith Law from the front office of the Toronto Blue Jays.  Some of you may know him as the senior baseball writer for ESPN. I know him as the dumb bunny.

Keith Dumb Bunny has officially warned any remaining Indians fans to cease and desist in their hope.  According to his rabbit-hole wizardry, we are merely the flavor of the week and are more likely to end our season with 60 wins than (wait for it…) 90.

I am not sure how much Dumb Bunny actually knows about  baseball, but I am certain he knows nothing about math or science or statistics or facts.  Mr. cottontail-for-brains points out that in the early-going of 2009 four teams had winning records and none of them fared well.

So I checked out last year’s standings during the month of April and guess what?  The Giants were 8-4.   And yet, somehow this team hung in their with its winning attitude… and eventually played in the 2010 World Series.  And guess what?  They won!

Why didn’t you mention that in your blog post Mr. Dumb Bunny?  Did you conveniently forget about last year?  Do you only remember teams from odd numbered years? Did you even think to do a little research before you made your lame-ass assumption?

Regardless, the 2011 campaign is now officially one-tenth of the way through the regular season, and ESPN writer Keith Dumb Bunny is already certain of two things:  1) He can predict the Tribe will not continue its winning ways, and 2) he is certain the Indians will win something closer to 67 games than (wait for it…) 90.

With geniuses like this around to keep us informed, it makes you wonder why the teams even bother to play.


4 Responses to “Memo to Keith Law: Know Your Role and Shut Your Damn Mouth.”

  1. Amos Says:

    Congratulations on completely missing the point and responding with as little class as possible.

    • exeqnation Says:

      Amos, what point did I miss besides the obvious one on the top of Keith Law’s head? Please, oh great writer and nudist, educate me.

  2. David X Says:

    Good god, your analysis is far more superficial and shallow and insulting to the intelligence than Keith Law’s. You picked out one example of a team that everyone expected would be all right. Here’s a hint, jagoff: When teams have hot starts, the ones that people have decent expectations for have a far better chance of making the playoffs than teams that no one expects anything from. I wish I could take you seriously, because I’d bet you any amount of money that the Indians will finish with closer to 67 wins than 90 (less than 78.5 wins, in other words). But I’m sure you wouldn’t put your money where your mouth is, because you’re just popping off and being emotional because someone said something bad about your team.

  3. exeqnation Says:

    Dear David the Dullard, please refer to Thursday’s post in which I accept your $200 wager and continue popping off.

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