Even LeBron James Can’t Believe It!

So after staying up until the bottom of the tenth inning to witness the last out and confirm the Cleveland Indians as the best damn team in the MLB, I was shocked – no, mortified – to pick up the Plain Ugly this morning only to see that Paul Hoynes has taken his considerable talents to South Beach (aka, anything other than the top story).

I mean really?  The top story on the front page of the Play Dealer sports section is about the upcoming Cavs draft?  Not the Browns draft, but the Cavs draft? Are you freaking kidding me?  Even LeBron James thinks that is unacceptable.

But whatever.  Tribe rocks.  Tribe fans rock. And the Plain Dealer continues to make a cause for social media as a primary source for news.

Congratulations to Joe Smith and Shelley Duncan and Carasco and Santana and Sizemore and LaPorta and Choo.

A dozen down… a few dozen more to go!


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2 Responses to “Even LeBron James Can’t Believe It!”

  1. Hate-man Says:

    Don’t start believin’

    April, 19, 2011

    By Keith Law

    On April 19, 2009, the Florida Marlins had the best record in baseball at 11-1. The Blue Jays had the best record in the American League at 10-4. The Padres were second in the NL West at 9-4, and the Royals were in a three-way tie for first place at 7-5. None of those teams made the playoffs or came close to keeping up their opening paces. The Marlins barely played .500 ball the rest of the way, while none of the other three clubs would win even 45 percent of their remaining games.

    Most years don’t turn themselves upside down to that degree, but it sticks out in my mind because I appeared on ESPN Radio late that month (while I was scouting a New Jersey high school player named Mike Trout) and answered questions about whether any of those “hot start” teams could keep it up. The answer, most of the time, was and is “No.”

    The flavor of the week right now is Cleveland, fresh off a sweep of last week’s flavor, Baltimore. I had Cleveland finishing in fourth this year at 67-95, and I still think the Indians are a lot closer to that than they are to a 90-win season.

    • exeqnation Says:

      Dear Hater,

      Thank you so much for pooping in my flower garden. Here’s an idea, why don’t you stick your head in a vice and turn it real hard? And I will wave to you from the Fan-Tasy Tour Bus as we blow by your EMS buggy on the Road to 90 wins.

      So sorry for you that you are filled with “grim realities” tied to the Florida Marlins and the San Diego Padres. But these are the Cleveland Indians of 2011; have you even looked at this team? Have you studied the players and the coaching staff? Or are you just jabbering about days gone by in darker times? I am guessing you are one of those guys who thought young Tom Brady was too small and too slow and too sloppy with the ball to ever make it in the NFL.

      In short, haterade, there is nothing you can do to stop our parade. But maybe the Kansas City Royals can use your insights… unlike Cleveland, they do not have a strong pitching staff (though I must admit that Crow can throw some crank!).

      I will see you at the end of the season and you can apologize for your unfortunate comments about our team being the “flavor of the week”.

      Jim Sweeney

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