I Ain’t ‘fraid of No Ghosts

Now that the Cleveland Indians are on a tear, a new emotion seems to be overtaking the local faint of heart… fear.

Some fans won’t even talk about it, others won’t look at the standings, and a few are going so far as to turn off the radio when ESPN even threatens to mention the eight-game streak. So, after all the jibber jabber from Paul Hoynes, everyone is suddenly afraid to jinx the team.

Well, to quote Dr. Peter Venkman, “We came, we saw, we kicked their asses!” And we are proud to say it without fear of some invisible force of retribution.  Well, at least I am.

This 2011 Cleveland Indians team is a good team.  Good offense.  Good defense.  Good pitching.  Good managment.  Good attitude. They are a young and eager team with tons of potential.  There is nothing to fear.

As I said, I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts… we are officially on The Road to 90.  The fan-tasy tour bus is warmed up and ready to roll.  If you want a seat, just say the word.


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