Sitting Atop the Leaderboard… My Cleveland Indians

Can you believe it?  Why yes I can.  Nine full games into the 2011 season and the Cleveland Indians are sitting atop the MLB Central Division… leaders of the pack.

But please don’t tell Paul Hoynes.  He is too busy ranting about low attendance.  Despite the fact that the team is on the West Coast.  Despite the fact the Tribe is in first place.  Despite the fact the Indians have won seven straight.

On the Road to 90, Paul Hoynes is a giant chuckhole, doing his best to suck unsuspecting drivers into his dark abyss. But wait, there’s more. Paul Hoynes is so concerned about attendance that he actually dropped the “R” word in his rant this morning.  And I quote: “To think they [the Cleveland Indians] will mostly be ignored this year cannot be good for the long-term health of the franchise.”

OMG! Paul Hoynes just implied that the ownership will take their bats, balls and gloves, and move to another venue if fans don’t show up at the stadium. Holy crap.  Who writes your paycheck, the Dolan family or the Plain Dealer?

Here’s a suggestion Paul, instead of obsessing over relatively low attendance during five crappy days in early April (and I am referring to the weather), why not tell the fans what an amazing run the Tribe is making?  Why not focus on the ubelieveable play of Jack Hannahan on both offense and defense?  Why not talk about the pitching – starting, relief and closing? Why not talk about the team’s positive, resilient attitude?  Why not tell Clevelanders about the cool and quirky personailities, like an aging Travis Hafner who is having his best season in five years, or Shin-Soo Choo who can knock the wings off a fly on home plate with a perfect throw from the outfield, or an awesomely cool Chris Perez who already has four saves?

I love this team.  And so would a lot of other old and new fans if you spent less time ranting and more time reporting. In the words of Charlie Sheen, “Winning.”


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