Paul Hoynes is the Anti-Homer

Here we go again. Two days into the new season and the PD proclaims: “Most fans stay home as Tribe loses again.”

Again?  It’s game two you gonad-puncher. Guess who else is winless in the new season? Detroit and Minnesota… Boston and Tampa Bay… St. Louis and Colorado. But I am guessing the Boston Globe is not writing about low attendance.

Let’s at least give the home team two weeks before we sell them and the fans down the river. Personally I was out raking up the flowerbeds, applying Preen and taking down Christmas lights while listening to the game yesterday. Plus you may have seen the recent Census report and heard about unemployment and the recession. If I can’t afford to go to the game but can watch it free on TV, does that make me less of a fan?

How about Hannahan and Hafner getting off to a fast start? How about the team not giving up once getting behind? How about picking a story angle that isn’t totally depressing? How about acknowledging the season just got started.

I love you Paul Hoynes, but you make me crazy.


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