5 Reasons Why the Cleveland Indians Will Win 90 Games in 2011

1.  If VCU and Butler can make it to the Final Four, anything is possible.

2.  We have only one year before the end of the planet, surely the Tribe winning the World Series would be the perfect sign of the end of times.

3.  Mike Hargrove is back and standing side-by-side with Manny “the man” Acta, that’s an unprecedented tag team.

4.  Grady Sizemore is back, Fausto Carmona is at the top of his game, Chris Perez is a no-flash filthy closer, Shin-Soo Choo is mad as hell and ready to carry this team on his back, Travis Hafner knows the clock is ticking and he’s ready to explode.

5.  Despite dealing with the cheapest ownership in the history of the MLB, this team – the players and management – is ready, willng and able to make a run the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Oh yeah, one last reason… this adorable young baseball fan has continued to wave the Cleveland Indians banner through grade school, high school, college, grad school and two years in the workforce as a scientist. He cheered the Tribe at the old Municipal Stadium, at the Jake and now Pro Field.  He’s seen the Indians win 90 or more games seven times. He’s ready to see them win a World Series.

P.S. Tom Neumann has agreed to sponsor the Road to 90 Fan Bus if we have 45 wins by the All Star break… actually, I haven’t told him yet, but he will do it.


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5 Responses to “5 Reasons Why the Cleveland Indians Will Win 90 Games in 2011”

  1. T-bone Says:

    Glad your back this season. Can’t wait to ride the bus. That Tom Neumann is a great guy. Go Tribe! And don’t forget the long underwear for the opener!

  2. prssakentstate Says:

    I’d like to sign up for the fan bus.

  3. stephneumann Says:

    Actually, I would love to sign up for the fan bus!

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