Everything Sucks

I am currently projecting the Indians – MY Indians – to hit 90 wins in late May 2011.

Thank you Larry Dolan and Mark Shapiro for sucking the life out of even the most die-hard Indians fan.  Thanks for not only investing nothing before the season started, but for also giving away what little we had to start with.  Thanks for creating the youngest and lowest paid team in the major leagues.  Thanks for sucking.

And thank you Tom Neumann for not having my back this entire season and taking pleasure in beating down me and the Indians.  I know that you are pre-occupied with the Browns, but here is a heads up: They suck… and so does your decidedly poor attitude.

And while I am on the topic of the Neumanns, than you so very much Stephanie Neumann for staying in touch with me this last year… oh wait, you stayed in touch with Kayleigh and ignored me.  You know what?  That sucks. I know, you were busy riding your bike and climbing rock walls and talking to people your age. Blah, blah, blah.  When you graduate and start networking to build what will no doubt be a phenomenal career (because in fairness, you are a shining star), who do you think will be of more help, Kayleigh or me?  That sucks.

And what about Dominic Litten who as I write my blog entry is taking advantage of free entry into the Social Club at Regressive Field? Oh, he loves the Indians, just not THESE Indians.  Yet he is there socializing.  Maybe if the freaking management helped this team win, he would actually be there tweeting about the team instead of the foodservice.  And for the record, THE PRICES SUCK!

I apologize to everyone (no one) who was following my Road to 90 blog and realized that I stopped posting about a month ago when I got too busy and the Tribe got too far behind.  I am sorry.

But I am not as sorry as that crappy ownership and management team that is so unwilling to support Manny Acta and his band of bravehearts. You all suck.

But I am forever grateful to Manny and all the players (especially Chris Perez and Trevor Crowe and Shelley Duncan and Shin Soo Choo and Asdrubal Cabreara and Fausto Carmona) who continue even now to play their very best.  I wish you all great success and happiness.

Just one last thought about Larry and Mark and the rest of the millionaires who own and/or run this team that I love so very much.  Maybe LeBron would wear an Indians cap once in a while if you didn’t suck so much.


5 Responses to “Everything Sucks”

  1. stephneumann Says:

    Didn’t I take that beautiful picture so you could use it to get back at my dad? Didn’t I go to a few games this year (Tribe vs. Yankees included) to support “your Indians?” And you thank me by writing this post?

    That sucks.

  2. exeqnation Says:

    Well, at least I thanked you… and the Dolans family thanks you as well for giving them your hard-earned money to watch a team that had one hand tied behind its back and the other taped to its shoes.

  3. T- bone Says:

    Rip Van Jimmy feel asleep on the bus he thought was going to the World Series and woke up to find out he’s being thrown off back where he started. Good morning Jim! It does suck, but tell us how you really feel.

  4. exeqnation Says:

    I never sleep. I never even close my eyes. Which is why I can see a bandwagon jumper a mile in the distance. This team will win 90 games… it’s just going to take longer than expected, but then again, who expected the ownership would trade away half the team before the All Star game.

    Anyway, good luck to your employer and Alma Mater this weekend against the BIG 10… that shouldn’t be too embarrassing. Oh wait, it will be totally humiliating. That sucks.

  5. T- bone Says:

    I do believe the Indians will win 90 games – If you add up all their wins in the next decade.

    As for my Bobcats – win or lose, I’d rather root for them than even say the name of that place in Columbus.

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