We’re gonna need a longer season…

Man oh Manny Acta.

Every time I think it is safe to go back in the water, another shark appears and eats a bigger piece of the boat.

In the words of Hooper from Jaws: “Boys, oh boys… I think he’s come back for his noon feeding.”

Last night the growing frustration revealed itself when Manager Manny got thumped from the game in the 9th inning after arguing a strike call.  Manny was right, but it was rather odd  to see him out of the dugout on such a ridiculous call.

My advice to the Tribe is the same as I’ve voiced previously.  Lose the hitting coach. The single biggest problem with this team is the inability to hit consistently and/or when the game is on the line.  Where’s the fire?  Where’s the swagger? What have we got to lose?

33 down, 57 to go… still.


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