Change is Good.

Don’t look now, but the Cleveland Indians – my Cleveland Indians – just won four in a row, they are in position to sweep the Toronto Blue Jays and they just claimed their 30th victory of the season, which puts them one-third of the way down the road to 90.

Best of all, this isn’t the original 2010 Indians, this is the new and improved 2010 Part II Cleveland Indians. Bigger, better and more impressive than ever. LaPorta, Santana, Nix, Donald, Crowe, Duncan, Perez, Talbot, Carmona… this is the start of something good.

30 down, 60 to go, 85 left in the season.  Do the math.

P.S. Tom Neumann claims he watched the Indians game last night… somebody wants on board the bandwagon.


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