Why Tom Neumann is a Bigger Loser than the Indians

What Tom Neumann knows about professional baseball is less than I know about rocket science, and I don’t know squat about rocket science.

I really hate to confuse the poor guy with details, but here goes:

1. Jamie Moyer is  younger than you.

2. Moyer’s current record is 8-6, he’s given up less than one hit per inning this season and his WHIP (which I would like to use on you) is only 1.063.

3. Moyer’s salary this year is $8 million.

4. His 266th career victory last night, tied Hall of Famers Eppa Rixey  and Bob Feller for 35th on the all-time list.

So, yeah, I would love to see you and your rag-tag team of baseball misfits string up a pair of spikes and take just one of Moyer’s “fastball” pitches.  He’d probably throw it over the plate, but I would advise you to “watch out for in your ear.”

26 down, 64 to go.


3 Responses to “Why Tom Neumann is a Bigger Loser than the Indians”

  1. T- bone Says:

    I know this – the Indians lost again. Here’s the details you forgot. Jamie Moyer has a 4.43 ERA that only gets better thanks to the Indians. He’s only a .500 pitcher if the Indians had beat him. Average pitcher on his best day. Oh yeah, still 64 to go. Don’t play the lottery Jim, you’re only picking losers! Go Browns.

  2. T- bone Says:

    Latest News from TV5 – “Three Cleveland Indians minor league players have been charged after a fight in downtown Akron. ” Looks like we at least have a few hitters coming up in the minors.

  3. T- bone Says:

    5 losses in a row. I don’t think this team is even on the road to 50 wins! Where are you Jim – you’re awfully quiet when they lose. Which of course means you are quiet a lot.

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