The Future of Cleveland Baseball

I’ve heard a lot of grumbling lately from prospective Cleveland Indians fans who claim they don’t even know the players. Duh!

Welcome to 2010 losers; you’re  not in 1995 anymore. Carlos Baerga doesn’t play for the Tribe. Neither does Jim Thome, Omar Vizquel or Albert Bell. Oh, and Mike Hargrove isn’t the coach… of anything.

This is the 2010 Cleveland Indians. There are still a couple names you lunkheads may remember, like Russell Branyan and Travis Hafner and Roberto Alomar (psych; he’s a coach).  But the future of this franchise includes names like Jason Donald and Mitch Talbot (pictured) and Chris Perez and Shin Soo Choo.

So please, pick up a program, then get with the program.  Throw away your old Charlie Nagy jersey and your Kenny Lofton bobblehead, and pick up a Fausto Carmona T-shirt and Grady Sizemore baseball cap. It’s a new era… and you are invited to participate; just don’t be a jerk like Tom Neumann (“I’m not your steppin’ stone”).

17 down, 73 to go.


3 Responses to “The Future of Cleveland Baseball”

  1. T- bone Says:

    Where have Tony Horton and Vic Davalillo gone?

    And this is why you have no other friends.

  2. exeqnation Says:

    Hey, I’ve got friends… they may not like me, but they are my friends. I am like the Simon Cowell of my social network; I tell the truth and people get mad at me.

    BTW, you are dating yourself pretty severely with that Tony Horton and Vic Davalllo reference. But thanks for making my point; did you know that during his time with Cleveland, Vic hit only 28 home runs? And did you know that Tony Horton was a supreme head case who once crawled from home plate to the dugout after popping up to Thurman Munson? I’ll take the 2010 Indians every day of the week.

  3. T- bone Says:

    Hey, at least Tony made it entertaining. And how about sudden Sam McDowell and spitball-throwing pitcher Gaylord Perry – now those were the days worth watching even though they couldn’t win either!

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